Professional Handyman Service

Handyman Repairs

What is a Handyman and what do they do?

 A handyman is a highly skilled “jack of all trades” who specializes in a wide range of home repairs and maintenance. Homeowner can save money on Home Improvement Projects by hiring a handyman because it eliminates the need for Multiple Service Providers and Contractors. Many handymen charge by the hour so the homeowner only pays the service fee for one or two workers who can complete a wide range of projects.

Rule of thumb!

On average jobs run 1-2 days for small projects and to-do lists, while some projects are just a couple of hours and others could last up to a few weeks. People most commonly hire us for repair work for anything in or around a house, and I mean anything that is not working.

Service & Specialties List:

CRU Handyman Service List


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