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2013 – National Handyman Service Rates and Pricing!

What to expect in terms of service and how it relates to average pricing for handyman service(s) is outlined below:

  • Standard pricing for handyman services is set by hourly rates or with a flat fee per service.
  • Contracted or independent handymen typically charge between $25 and $60 per hour. In Hawaii (expect to pay between 20-26% more for labor and materials).
  • A handyman will charge higher rates if they offer expertise in one or more specific trades or specialties (i.e. master electrician, master plumber, HVAC service).
  • Many handyman services employ several professionals that together offer a number of varied specialized skills. These businesses often charge hourly rates closer to $75 to $150 per man hour.
  • It is not uncommon for professional handymen to charge a minimum fee for service. This typically ranges between$100 and $300.
  • When hiring a skilled handyman in an emergency situation that requires immediate attention (i.e. burst pipe, heating malfunctions, etc.) expect to pay a $50 to $125 fee. This charge for emergency, on-call service tends to be higher outside of normal business hours and, as well as on weekends.
  • Especially with today’s gas prices many companies expense a fuel surcharge, especially if the job at hand requires any significant travel (to the job site or supply stores). Most often, this charge is included within your price quote.

This is the national report based on the average consumers survey. Depending on location prices will vary and remember that handymen are skilled professionals that are skilled in a wide variety of home repairs. We hope this will help customers, homeowners, realtors and business owners understand the service charges and rate for our present year.

Bathroom Makeover

 Whether you’re planning a complete Bathroom Remodel or a more Cost Efficient  Makeover, CRU KUSTOM WORKZ got you cover. We provide Bathroom Remodels and Repairs on BIG & small bathroom projects.

Let look at the less expensive of the two: “Cost Efficient Bathroom Makeover”

 The cost of a complete bathroom remodel can quickly add up. Luckily, there are several small, inexpensive projects that we can do to give your bathroom a makeover without breaking the bank. Review our 10 most common small projects to turn your bath into a cozy and relaxing retreat.

Junk Removal Service on Oahu, HI


CRU KUSTOM WORKZ is your full-service junk removal company. We offer junk removal services for your home or business including offices, retail locations, construction sites, and more. We’re the junk removal company that handles the tough stuff – and we ensure that your junk gets recycled, donated, or disposed of responsibly.

Got Old furniture, appliances, electronics, construction debris, or yard waste you need to make disappear? CRU KUSTOM WORKZ can take away almost any material we can fit in our trucks, without you ever lifting a finger. We’ll remove junk from wherever it’s located, and we won’t leave a dent or speck of dirt behind. When we say we’re your full-service junk removal company, we really mean it.

How we can Help?

junk removal service - CRU KUSTOM WORKZ junk pickup on Oahu, HI junk removal service - CRU KUSTOM WORKZ rubbish removal and recycling Oahu, HI

  • Onsite Appointment: We offer same-day service and our service specialist will call you 15-30 minutes before your scheduled 2 hour arrival window.
  • Upfront Pricing: When we arrive, just point to the junk you want removed and our friendly junk removal team will provide you with an upfront, all-inclusive price.
  • Junk Removal: We load all the items you want removed – wherever they are located – into our truck, and finish by cleaning up the area.
  • Responsible Disposal: It’s not just junk to us! We do our best to donate and recycle as much as we can. Since 1995, we’ve saved thousands of pounds from landfills, and still counting.